Frequently Asked Questions

No, what we offer is month-to-month membership. You may cancel at any time. However, we also offer pre-paid memberships at a discounted price.

A waiver needs to be signed by each enrollee, therefore requiring all enrollees to be present when joining. Your key fob is also issued to you at that time.

Our inexpensive enrollment is one of the best aspects of our membership. You’ll pay only the cost of your key fob and the pro-rated portion of whichever calendar month we are currently in. There are no enrollment or joining fees, no first and last months dues, no maintenance fees, or any other surprise fees.

No. We offer a discounted rate with EFT payment participation, but you may pay however you like.

Our cancellation is extremely flexible. You may cancel your membership by visiting our office during normal staffed hours and signing a cancellation form. Once this form is received, you will not be billed on future billing cycles. Please note that once charges are processed for the month, no refunds of dues or pro-rated refunds will be given.

Yes! First-time visitors are always free. Please note that you must do this during staffed hours and sign a waiver of liability prior to engaging in your free workout.

Yes! As stated above, first-time visitors are always free. Again, please bring all first-time guests during staffed hours to sign a waiver of liability. Each visit thereafter is $5.00 per visit and your guest may come with you or another member anytime day or night.

No, each access card is individually assigned and is non-transferable. Using another member’s card to gain access is considered a violation of our policies and is subject to disciplinary actions.

No problem, just visit our office and get a new one. Replacement fee is just $10.

Yes, we have a FREE gated children’s play area with a TV and DVD player. This area is unsupervised, yet in clear view from the gym area so you can keep an eye on them.

Have older kids? Children age 12-15 may join with a parent or guardian and the parent/guardian must be present at all times the child is in Select Fitness. Children age 16+ may have an individual membership. A parent or guardian must still be present when enrolling in order to sign a parental liability waiver.

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